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Deck and Patio Design

Deck and Patio Design

Start planning your dream deck now!

Secure Contracting & Renovations Inc. of Barrie, Ontario offers deck and patio design services

Whether you have ideas of your own, or we're starting from scratch, you can count on Secure Contracting & Renovations Inc. to create a deck design or patio design that will amaze you. Our years of cumulative experience mean we understand all the little touches that make a huge functional and visual impact for a small cost. Built-in planters, seating and storage can often heighten style, while costing less than if separately purchased.

And while we're dedicated to bringing you the highest quality and exquisitely finished details, we're happy to work with you to make your project affordable. A beautiful, quality deck can be well designed without being expensive.

Our deck design, and patio design philosophy begins with functionality. Traffic flow is taken into consideration for the best functional use of the deck space. Pattern changes in the floorboards or structural elements such as pergolas are used to define separate "rooms." We examine your specific needs. We even take your outdoor furniture into account-because a dining table needs a different deck than a round umbrella table would.

Once your design is complete, and you are ready to proceed, Secure Contracting & Renovations Inc. will apply for the building permit on your behalf. We work closely with the building department so your project stays on time and on budget.

Once we have finished, you'll be amazed at the way your deck blends seamlessly with your home yet still manages to stand out as the masterpiece of your yard.

You could drop an ordinary square deck behind your house. Or, for close to the same price, you could have Secure Contracting & Renovations Inc. build a stylish custom deck creation that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Pretty easy choice, isn't it?

Secure Contracting & Renovations Inc. in Barrie, Ontario will make you love your home! For more information of deck and patio design, please give us a call. You won't regret it!

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